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◆【Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification System】It is a target facility

【Official】Dogashima Hotel Tenyu

Amazing View・Lovely Food・Man

Izu Peninsula certified as a "Global Geoparks" promoted by UNESCO.Among them, Dogashima / Nishina Port Geosite is a Nishina Port Geosite where you can observe beautiful and diverse geological profiles of submarine volcanoes, which are rare in the world.One of them is Sanshiro Islands, which you can see from our hotel up close, and the miraculous view of the miracle that the sea breaks, "Tomboro Tombolo Phenomena".

Despite this nature, Tenyu is passionate about the “hospitality” created by the warmth of “people”.
We were born and raised in this Dogashima, the season of transition replace beauty, and you know a great blessing is a "taste-splendor of the season" in the.
We hope you will feel the “warmth” that only local inns can enjoy in every aspect of your stay while being surrounded by a superb view.

Dogashima Hotel Tenyu Service Manager

Global Geoparks"Izu"

  • Geopark = “Earth Park” where ancient terrain remains

    Global Geoparks is a high-quality geopark that has been certified according to the standards set by UNESCO In November 2015, it was officially approved by The 38th UNESCO General Conference of UNESCO.

     As of April 2019, there are 147 UNESCO Global Geoparks 41 countries around the world, of which nine are in Japan.

    Japan's UNESCO Global Geoparks include Toya-Usu (Hokkaido), Itoigawa (Niigata), Sanin Coast (Tottori, Hyogo, Kyoto), Muroto (Kochi), Shimabara Peninsula (Nagasaki), Oki (Shimane), Aso (Kumamoto Prefecture), Mt Apoidake (Hokkaido), and Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture).

The sunset season has arrived

  • Autumn is the season for Japanese Spiny Lobster

    Speaking of autumn ...Autumn of appetite.
    Nishiizu Japanese Spiny Lobster, " which is also a specialty, was lifted on September 15.
    We will have the most delicious season of the year.
    At our inn, Japanese Spiny Lobster is served in both "Akane Kaiseki" and "Jade Kaiseki" by treasure ware, and we also offer sashimi that you can order to enjoy the deliciousness of the shrimp itself.
    Please look forward to the season.

    Furthermore, from the end of summer, the setting sun, which shines brighter as the temperature drops, peaks in beauty!
    A beautiful evening view like a picture can be seen from the lobby, all rooms, and all baths.
    Enjoy your stay surrounded by the setting sun.

Fuji no Kuni Travel Ticket Target Facilities【Resumed from October 18, 2021】

  • Ticketing starts at convenience stores, etc. from October 15, 3rd year of Reiwa(Schedule)

    【Discount period】
    ・Accommodation trip:From staying on Monday, October 18, 3rd year of Reiwa to staying on Monday, December 27th, 3rd year of Reiwa (check-in)
    【Fuji no Kuni Travel Ticket,Regional coupon sales start date】
    ・Ticketing at convenience store terminals by online reservation...Reservations will be accepted from 10:00 on Thursday, October 14th.
    ・Ticketing at convenience store terminals...It will be on sale from 10:00 on Friday, October 15th.Details will be posted soon.
    【Target travelers】
    Shizuoka citizens up to 6 companions(You don't have to live together)

【Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification System】It is a target facility

  • We are taking infection control measures that have cleared the guidelines.

    Our inn is involved in the prevention of coronavirus infection, and in accordance with the guidelines of Shizuoka Prefecture, it meets the requirements and has been certified by the "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security System".

    We will endeavor to prevent infection regardless of whether there is a state of emergency or a special measures law such as spread prevention.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation even if you visit us.

Our approach to coronavirus

  • Our efforts and requests to our customers

    Regarding the prevention of new coronavirus infection, the situation remains unpredictable.

    At our inn, not only our customers but also our employees, we will put safety first in our sales and hospitality efforts.

    Therefore, we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation of our guests in the prevention of infection.

plan sales start with "new guest room" x "private open-air bath free & advance reservation" benefits

  • To ensure social distance

    From August 28th, we will sell plan of "new guest room use" x "private open-air bath free" x "selectable dishes" for a limited time.

    The private open-air bath is free and comes with the privilege of pre-booking by phone.
    The food is also a spacious restaurant with private or semi-private rooms, a special version prepared just for plan

    All employees take infection control measures under strict control.We would like to ask our customers for their cooperation by securing a distance between them, taking basic infection control measures seriously, and so on.

July 2021 New guest room opened

  • 2 types and 4 rooms boasting a superb view are newly opened! With private open-air bath benefits to commemorate the opening

    Suruga Bay and Sanshiro Islands, we have opened a room with an emphasis on "relaxation".Please spend an important time with your loved one while getting drunk with the superb view.

    ★2 seaside bedrooms (Hollywood twin type Western-style room)
    It's compact yet comfortable to sit on, so you can relax on the one-seat sofa that doesn't get tired even if you sit for a long time, and you'll want to see the magnificent view forever....It is such a room.
    ★2 corner rooms with superb views (Japanese-style room with bed space + Western-style room)
    Ensuring plenty of space.Sanshiro Islands and Suruga Bay, and you can relax on a spacious low sofa, taking advantage of the location where you can see the sea even in a low position.

July 1, 2021 Front desk lobby reopened

  • A lobby that seems to melt into a superb view has opened more comfortably

    The lobby of Tenyu, which offers a wonderful view.
    If the magnificent view is a "painting", the lobby is like a "picture frame" that complements it.
    Please relax and heal the tiredness of your trip while looking at the living paintings in the space designed and arranged with the theme of comfort and space.

    You can enjoy freshly ground bean coffee for free in the lobby.
    Feel free to use it at any time during your stay, not to mention check-in time.

April 2021 A new room has opened in the Mizukagami

  • Relaxed meal in private room style

    Assuming stays in various styles, we have set up a variety of private rooms so that two people, groups and families can enjoy a relaxing meal.

    Basically, you cannot specify the restaurant, but plan, we will guide you to a semi-private room or the most suitable restaurant for private rooms.

    *Currently, from the viewpoint of preventing infection with the new coronavirus, we ask for a maximum of 6 people per seat without exception.Thank you for your cooperation.

Accommodation Features・Facility

  • lobby lounge

    Check-in is relaxed in the lobby.
    You won't get tired of watching the scenery like a single picture.

    From check-in to 9pm, you can freely drink coffee by self-service.
    The lighting is turned off darkly after dinner.
    Please feel free to drop in at a time before breakfast or after breakfast.
  • Path of Sound of Waves

    Please use "Path of Sound of Waves" from the 1st basement floor to get off to a private beach.The recommended time zone is 16: 30-17: 00 when the sunset is beautiful in the winter, and the time before breakfast where the sea breeze is pleasant in the summer.
    Because we are taking advantage of the natural terrain, please be careful of your feet.
  • Observation bench

    There is an observation deck with a bench in a particularly scenic place in the middle of Path of Sound of Waves. Please drop in for a walk.
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Hotel Name

Dogashima Hotel Tenyu


2962 Nishina, Nishiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



1 hour 20 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station 1 hour by bus from Shimoda Station 2 hours via National Route 136 from Tomei Numazu IC

Pick-up available (conditions)
Free pick-up is available between the hotel and Dogashima Bus Stop.
*You may have to wait depending on the situation.
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Restaurant Mizukagami mizukagami mizukagami" birth

  • Newly opened in December 2018

    In order to enjoy hot dishes more quickly, the service has been shifted from in-room dining to restaurants.
    In December 2018, "Mizukagami - mizukagami" was born.Depending on the season, there are also seats where you can enjoy a meal while watching the evening sea and jet-black sea at dinner, while watching the blue sea in the morning.

    *You cannot specify the dining place, but we will guide you to the most suitable restaurant plan

Recommended sightseeing spot, 7 minutes walk from the hotel “Dogashima Tensodo Cave”

  • Natural Monument Tensodo Cave Pleasure Boat"Blue Cave"

    The main tourist attraction in Dogashima. The ceiling of the central part of the sea erosion tunnel, which looks like a beehive, has fallen into a circle. From this skylight, the sun shines into the sea surface, and the emerald sea surface is very mysterious. Pleasure boats and cruises that allow you to visit caves and islands that go right under the skylight are very popular.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.