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About infection prevention

Measures at the facility1. Thorough management of employees' physical condition, temperature measurement, disinfection, and wearing masks
2. Disinfection alcohol is installed in various places in this facility
3. Installed plasma cluster air purifiers at restaurants, floors, and guest rooms
4. Acrylic panel installed on the front desk
5. Regular ventilation and disinfection in this facility
6. Implementation of customer service operations that maintain a distance
Request for cooperation to customers1. Wearing a mask when visiting
2. Disinfection of fingers when entering the building,Temperature measurement
3.Please refrain from visiting if you are unwell (including those who have a fever within 14 days).
*plan period, sudden cancellation due to poor physical condition is not subject to cancellation fee.Please be sure to contact us.
4. Cooperation in the distribution of meal time and bathing time
Customers eligible for GoTo Travel CampaignWith the exclusion of the Goto Travel Campaign, guidelines have been announced regarding the confirmation of guests' addresses.
Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in presenting the identification documents of all guests at check-in as follows.

The documents required for identity verification are as follows.
○One point is recognized as an identity verification document:Documents with a single name, address, and photo
Example:My number card, driver's license, driving history certificate, passport, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, documents to prove that you have national qualifications such as maritime diploma, various welfare notebooks such as disability certificate, seafarer's certificate, war injury disease Certificate, government official identification, etc.
○However, if you do not have the above documents, you can present as a document whose name and address can be confirmed if you combine two of ① or one of ① and ② of the documents of ① and ② listed below.
① Certificate of health insurance etc., Certificate of long-term care insurance, pension certificate, pension certificate, etc. ② Student ID, company ID, qualification certificate issued by a public institution, etc.
*If you are a junior high school student or younger and do not have the above documents, you can substitute your health insurance card and your legal representative's identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.)