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【Official】Dogashima Hotel Tenyu

Amazing View・Lovely Food・Man

Izu Peninsula certified as a “Global Geopark” promoted by UNESCO. Among them, Dogashima / Nishina Port Geosite is a site where you can observe beautiful and diverse geological sections of marine volcanoes that are rare in the world. One of them is Sanshiro Islands is close to our inn, and the wonderful miracle that the sea breaks.

Despite this nature, Tenyu is passionate about the “hospitality” created by the warmth of “people”.
We were born and raised in this Dogashima, the season of transition replace beauty, and you know a great blessing is a "taste-splendor of the season" in the.
We hope you will feel the “warmth” that only local inns can enjoy in every aspect of your stay while being surrounded by a superb view.

A hotel with a superb view, Dogashima Hotel Tenyu, Service manager

World Geopark "Izu"

  • Geopark = “Earth Park” where ancient terrain remains

    The World Geopark is a high-quality geopark certified according to the standards set by UNESCO. In November 2015, it became the official program of UNESCO at the 38th UNESCO General Assembly.

     As of April 2019, there are UNESCO Global Geoparks in 147 regions in 41 countries, nine of which are in Japan.

    Japan's UNESCO Global Geoparks include Lake Toya Usu (Hokkaido), Itoigawa (Niigata Prefecture), Sanin Coast (Tottori, Hyogo, Kyoto), Muroto (Kochi Prefecture), Shimabara Peninsula (Nagasaki Prefecture), Oki (Shimane Prefecture), Nine regions are Aso (Kumamoto Prefecture), Mt. Apoi (Hokkaido), Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture).

Premium time sale in progress up to 7200 yen

Accommodation Features・Facility

  • lobby lounge

    Check-in is relaxed in the lobby.
    You won't get tired of watching the scenery like a single picture.

    From check-in to 9pm, you can freely drink coffee by self-service.
    The lighting is turned off darkly after dinner.
    Please feel free to drop in at a time before breakfast or after breakfast.
  • Path of Sound of Waves

    From the basement floor, please use the “Path of Sound of Waves” that you can get to a private beach or fishing ground. The recommended time zone is 16: 30-17: 00 when the sunset is beautiful in the winter, and the time before breakfast where the sea breeze is pleasant in the summer.
    Because we are taking advantage of the natural terrain, please be careful of your feet.
  • Observation bench

    There is an observation deck with a bench in a particularly scenic place in the middle of Path of Sound of Waves. Please drop in for a walk.
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Hotel Name

A hotel with a superb view, Dogashima Hotel Tenyu


2962 Nishina, Nishiizu Town, Kamo County, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



1 hour 20 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station 1 hour by bus from Shimoda Station 2 hours via National Route 136 from Tomei Numazu IC

Pick-up available (conditions)
Free pick-up is available between the hotel and Dogashima Bus Stop.
*You may have to wait depending on the situation.
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Restaurant Mizukagami -mizukagami" birth

  • Newly opened in December 2018

    In order to enjoy hot dishes more quickly, the service has been shifted from in-room dining to restaurants.
    In addition to the restaurant that was there originally available on the second floor, Mizukagami -mizukagami" is born in December 2018. Depending on the season, there are also seats where you can enjoy a meal while watching the evening sea and jet-black sea at dinner, while watching the blue sea in the morning.
    It will be your guide by the use plan, or you read carefully the plan content, please feel free to contact us.

Recommended sightseeing spot, 7 minutes walk from the hotel “Dogashima Tensodo Cave”

  • Natural monument Tensodo Cave"Blue Cave Shoes" that goes by pleasure boat

    The main tourist attraction in Dogashima. The ceiling of the central part of the sea erosion tunnel, which looks like a beehive, has fallen into a circle. From this skylight, the sun shines into the sea surface, and the emerald sea surface is very mysterious. Pleasure boats and cruises that allow you to visit caves and islands that go right under the skylight are very popular.

Cherry Blossom Festival held in Izu!

  • Toi, Kawazu, Minami-Izu...Let's go see the early blooming cherry blossoms

    ◆Toi Sakura Festival January 19 to February 2
    [Time]From 10:00 to 15:00
    [Location]Toi Matsubara Park lawn open space and others
    ・Free tea service
    ・Direct sales of special products, etc.
    Night cherry blossoms lit up at Toi Gold Mine
    [Date and time]From January 18 (Saturday) to February 2 (Sunday) 18:30 to 21:00

    ◆Kawazu Sakura Festival February 10 to March 10
    During the period, light up or stalls with local specialties
    It is busy every day.About 1 hour drive from Dogashima Onsen.

    ◆Minami no Sakura to Nanohana Festival February 10 to March 10
    Around 800 km across Minami-Izu Town and Aono River
    A row of cherry trees follows.During the period, lights up,
    Sakura tea and amazake will be served.
    About 30 minutes by car from Dogashima Onsen.


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